Best Weight Loss Tips For Fast And Lasting Results


The best weight loss programs or ways should be those that can help you gain quick and lasting results along with following a certain diet program. A weight loss program should provide you with a healthy long term plan for months or even years. Finally, a good weight loss program should give you fast results for just a couple of weeks.

Best Weight Loss Tips Which are Safe and Effective

Before even starting to follow any kind of weight loss program, you should first consult your doctor to know if it is suitable for you and to know if that particular program will give you the best results compared to other programs.

Rather than thinking about restricting yourself from eating, a better and safer way is to add more nutritious foods in your diet. You can follow Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Eat To Live Diet program which has been proven to be effective to lose weight and it doesn’t require you to skip meals or restrict eating. Here is the suggested diet plan which should be followed for 2 to 4 weeks.

– Eat at least 1 lb. of fresh raw vegetables each day. You can have more if you want. You can start by eating a chopped raw broccoli, a lettuce with your favorite fruit or adding a couple of celery stick to each meal.

– Eat at least 1 lb. of cooked vegetables each day. Just like the first one, you can eat more if you want. It is recommended for you to cook soup dishes to use a lot of vegetables. However, do not include those starchy vegetables such as rutabaga, cooked carrots, corn or potatoes.

– Eat at least 1 lb. of whole fresh raw fruit each day. You can also eat more if you want. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t eat a fruit along with a meal. You shouldn’t drink fruit juice but rather, eat the whole fruit.

– Eat at least 8 oz. of beans, lentils or peas each day.

– Do not eatmore than 8 oz. of cooked carrots, grains such as rice, corn or potatoes each day.

– Do not eat more than 4 oz. of fish or meat.

– Do not eat more than 1 oz. of unsalted seeds or nuts.

– Do not take more than ¼ teaspoon of salt.

– Do not take foods that have artificial sweeteners or sugar.

– Do not eat mayonnaise, butter, oils etc.

– Do not eat eggs and dairy products.

– Do not take alcoholic beverages.

You should always remember that this is only followed for 2-4 weeks and after that, you will need to adjust your diet routine that will be more suitable for your lifestyle.

To avoid those food cravings, you should, at least, give yourself 1 day each week to eat almost whatever you want just to satisfy that craving. Keep eating fruits and vegetables after 4 weeks of following the diet plan. If you do not like eating vegetables or fruits, you will most likely get used to it between 2 to 4 weeks.  Always motivate yourself to eat healthy to become healthy so that you can have a better and longer life.

If you don’t like the sound of this type of low fat diet, then you might want to try low carb which allows you more fats and protein foods but, of course, not so many carbs. However these days you can even find low carb noodles to make this type of diet easier to follow.

16 thoughts on “Best Weight Loss Tips For Fast And Lasting Results

  1. Womens Weight Loss

    All of your points are good. Really good nutrition and exercise is the way to go!
    I lost 60 pounds and have kept it off for 5 years. You can do this too.
    I did two things:
    1. Added strength training with lighter weights/higher reps to my cardio. Strength training really gets your metabolism up and you lose weight more quickly.
    2. I researched and learned how to eat. Less calories will make you lose weight.
    Nutrition is an important component of weight loss. Good luck in your weight loss!

  2. Sal

    Losing weight really is a two step process of exercise and diet. As for exercise, do both cardio and weight lifting. If you do sets of weight training quick enough, you get the benefit of both.
    As for diet, get a good diet program that emphasizes good quality nutrition but is less dense in calories.

  3. florida

    I am very interested in my weight loss and I have many tricks but I failed because I have no proper diet schedule but now, I am very glad to read about your amazing diet plan and I think your tips are really effective for my fast weight loss. I have read your all points very carefully and I will follow these points soon.

  4. Geneva Bailey

    I want to add HCG to this one. I would like to share with you how I lose weight with hcg.

    After 3 months of taking hcg drops, I dropped 26 lbs. The good news is I’m continuously losing weight. A big check! 😀

  5. Shiv Sharma

    I would like to thank for Ryan, I saw a great change in my weight loss with these natural tips. Did a great help for readers. I appreciate for sharing such a nice info.

  6. jacksonville fl

    What’s even better, these can be substituted for your meals.
    One of the disadvantages of low-calorie diets is that it makes you feel constantly hungry.
    These types of programs are usually for consumable products the customer needs to purchase regularly.

  7. Niki Janssen

    But there are also those who are not amenable to this kind of treatment

  8. Jestine

    Another thing you can do to have more self confidence and feel better about your body, is a spray tan. You can keep your spray tan longer by using products that will not only preserve its color but also enhance it. There is no reason to be self-conscious about your body in front of the woman, or man, who is tanning you. Think how many bodies they see in a week!

  9. Lucienne

    Thank you! I wrote a friend about this post and she liked it too, but where can we find more details about this Dr Furman diet?

    1. Admin

      I suggest you look for his book The Eat To Live Diet, in bookstores or online, e.g. Amazon.

  10. Riyana Vatyani

    Thank you for the info. Really an informative and helpful article. Will surely share this. Looking forward for more articles like this. Thank you once again.

  11. Shenika Keis

    Your food intake tips are really amazing, actually I was doing a mistake in my daily food, But now after reading your article I realized that. Thanks a lot for these useful tips. I will now change my daily diet. This will really work for me for better weight loss. Thanks once again and keep sharing!

  12. Yogi

    Nice blog! For weight loss I enrolled myself into yoga classes near me and with that I wanted to make plan for my diet . I like your points like how much amount of raw vegetable, cooked vegetable and fruits need to be eaten to remain healthy. I will definitely follow this routine.

  13. Skylar Williams

    I like that you said not to restrict yourself from eating but instead to feed yourself the right nutrients throughout the day. I ‘ve been trying to lose weight for a while and it is tough. I think I will keep your tips in mind while also joining a weight loss program to ensure healthy weight loss.

  14. Ron Booker

    It was wonderful that you talked about minimizing your portions instead of not eating at all. My sister wants to lose some weight before her wedding, and I want to help her. I will let her know this before joining a fitness team she was recommended.

  15. Jenna Hunter

    My aunt is thinking about getting some weight loss so that she can feel better and relax about her life. She would really like to get some supplements for it from a professional. I’ll be sure to tell her that she shouldn’t eat mayo, butter, oil, eggs. diary. artificial sugars or sweeteners.


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