Fast Weight Loss With The South Beach Diet

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The South Beach diet is well-known diet program for many people who want fast weight loss. The South Beach diet was developed by one of the well-known dieticians who is Dr. Arthur Atston. This type of diet program is based on the the GI or the Glycemic Index. This measures foods based on how they can affect the blood sugar levels of a human being.

The GI or the Glycemic Index was specifically developed for diabetic people but today, there are a lot of people who have high sugar intakes and are suffering from fluctuating blood sugar levels. So diabetic or not, this is very useful for any dieter nowadays.

The South Beach diet program starts with a 2 week long restricted food choices as a kick start to your fast weight loss. This diet program claims that it can guarantee to help you lose weight as much as 8 to 13 lbs within 2 weeks.

During this period of time, your diet will be more on protein rich foods and foods that contain healthy fats. There will be less dairy products and meat in this period of time. You will be encouraged to eat foods such as nuts and olive oil.

Foods That You Can in the First Phase of the South Beach Diet Program

– Olive Oil

– Nuts (Maximum of 1 oz. It is important to count them.)

– Avocado

– Beans (1 Serving per day.)

– Low Fat Dairy Products such as reduced fat cheese and skim milk.

– Soy products such as Tofu

– Seafood and Fish (Do not choose fried, canned in oil or breaded.)

– Eggs

– Turkey without the fat and skin and Lean white chicken meat.

Things to Do and Remember During Phase 1

It is very important that you should only eat foods which are included in the list and do not eat anything else such as fruit juice, alcohol, corn, potatoes, rice, pasta, bread and fruits. Don’t just follow any random weight loss tips while you are on this diet.

You will only eat 5 times a day which comprises of 3 meals and 2 snacks. Your dessert will be separated from the main meals and this will be your snack. Your dessert will usually be based on ricotta cheese. For the first 2 weeks of this diet program, there will be food groups which will be excluded completely thus, you will not gain the full RDA of all the vitamins and minerals.

This is the main reason why this Phase will only last 2 weeks and should not be followed more than that period of time. The Phase 2 of this diet program is less restrictive. This phase will give you a better nutritional balance since you will be able to eat whole grains and fruits. You will learn how to separate bad carbs and good carbs from high caloric foods.

Prior to following the South Beach weight loss program, you should seek your doctor to avoid any undesirable results later and to know if it is suitable for you.


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